Heart attack – Know the signs

Anyone can be a victim of a heart attack, irrespective of the age and sex. Lack of exercise a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking, excessive alcohol consumption can all increase the risk of having a heart attack.

Saving a life in such a situation requires taking the right steps in case of a heart attack, for which it is important to first understand the signs that indicate a heart attack. Here are some signs that may indicate a heart attack, in which case you should get yourself admitted at a hospital.

Heaviness in the chest

Unbearable pain in the upper stomach

Pain in the arms, especially the left arm

Shortness of breath

Pain in the neck and jaws

In case you experience any of these signs, it would be wise to get yourself to the hospital, where you may have to get an ECG done to identify the exact cause.

Nausea, sweating, light-headedness and a feeling of pressure on the chest are some of the other signs that may also indicate a heart attack.

The most common sign of a heart attack in men is pain in the chest while women usually experience breathlessness, back and jaw pain and nausea.

In case you find yourself experiencing any of these danger signs, residents in Mumbai can call 126 126, our 24×7 heart helpline that offers emergency services to cardiac patients.


For more information, or to get your heart health checked, please visit www.asianheartinstitute.org, or call +91 99201 55000.

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