Teas to help burn the fat

A cup of tea, something most of us start our day with, something that freshens us up on a lazy afternoon and something that can energize us at the end of a tiring day.

But that’s not all a cup of tea can do for you. Continue reading to see how five different kinds of teas can help you lose those extra pounds.


Star anise tea: Promotes digestion
Star anise can be used to treat digestive problems like upset stomach, diarrhoea and nausea.
Steep a whole anise pod in one cup of hot water for ten minutes, strain this and sip on this when you in case you have any digestive problems. You can also sweeten the brew if needed.

Peppermint tea: Controls what you eat
Peppermint leaves can help in preparing a refreshing tea that can help you sped up digestion and burn calories. Peppermint tea either hot or chilled can be prepared with a tablespoon of fresh or dried leaves added to boiling water and allowed to steep for four to five minutes. Strain this brew and add honey if needed.

Green tea: Helps improve metabolism
Studies suggest that EGCG, present in green tea helps improve your metabolism and can help you burn some calories. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants that also help improve metabolism and burn fat.

Rose tea: Prevents constipation
Prepared by mixing fresh roses and the bud of the tea, rose tea has great benefits for your body. Rose tea helps clear toxins from your body and improves your skin condition. The vitamins in rose tea can also help fight infections, prevent constipation and lose weight.

Oolong tea: Protects against obesity
Some studies suggest that oolong, a semi-fermented tea can promote fat burning and help reduce cholesterol and fat concentration in the body.
Steep oolong for anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes for a full-bodied cup.

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