What should a diabetic drink?

Modified from http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/diet/Healthy-drinks-for-diabetics/articleshow/16708545.cms

With the rising number of diabetics, the diet of a diabetic is one of the most common subjects of discussion today. Eat this, drink that, try to avoid that. For a diabetic, every that he eats or drinks has to be measured, so that his sugar levels do not go above the limits.

But that does not mean that a diabetic cannot enjoy a refreshing drink to quench his thirst. Here are five drinks that a diabetic can enjoy on any given day.


Skimmed milk: Milk is rich in vitamins and calcium and also contains healthy culture that can help your digestive system. And going for skimmed milk instead of regular, ensures that you do not end up consuming unwanted calories and carbohydrates. Almond and soy milk can also serve as good alternatives to full cream milk.

Tea: A common beverage offered to guests, tea definitely refreshes you and the anti-oxidants present in it can help your skin look younger as well. A cup of tea made with skimmed milk and without sugar or with an artificial sweetener can refresh you without any calories.

Juices: Vegetable juice is always better than fruit juice for a diabetic because of its low calorie content. And drinking fresh juice is always better that a packaged juice for many reasons. But ensure that you enjoy these juices in moderation so that you keep a tab on the calories and sodium intake.

Coffee: One of the most commonly preferred drinks to kick-start your day. Diabetics will however be better off drinking black coffee without cream or sugar.

Water: Probably the best drink you can have, whether you are a diabetic or not. Free of calories and carbohydrates and has absolutely no affect o your weight and sugar level. Adding a natural sweetener like honey or a squash of sour lime to your glass of water is not only friendly to your taste buds but also an effective refresher.

Diabetics need to be very careful if they drink alcohol as alcohol tends to shoot or drop your blood sugar level. Consult your doctor whether or not you are allowed to drink any alcohol.

Diabetics need to keep a tab on their blood sugar levels so that they do not allow diabetes to lead to any other complications.

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