Stay away from Blood Pressure myths

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In recent years, blood pressure has been one of the most serious causes of health concerns, not only in India but across the world. What makes Blood Pressure a serious threat is the fact that it often leads to more serious cardiac complications which can even prove to be fatal. And despite this, not a lot of patients seem to take this seriously and this is because of some common myths that are given too much value.

Here we take a look at these myths and understand why you’re better off not believing in them.

Myth 1: “It’s not a big deal”
One of the biggest mistakes patients make is not taking the first symptoms of an elevated blood pressure seriously.  What most patients don’t realize is that even at initial stages, increased blood pressure can cause damage to the blood vessels and heart.
On the other hand, not a lot of people realize that they have a high blood pressure because they fail to notice their symptoms.

Myth 2: “High Blood Pressure is a problem that runs in my family. There’s nothing I can do about it.”
Another piece of false information that leads many to believe that there is nothing they can do to avoid this condition. It’s true that a family history of high or low blood pressure increases your chance of developing it. But a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, regular exercise, limited alcohol and staying away from both stress and smoking can help you avoid the disease.

Myth 3: “I am still young so I don’t have anything to worry about.”
High blood pressure, like many other health complications was once believed to be an age-related problem. But studies made recent years suggest otherwise. Young people too can be at a risk of developing high blood pressure. This is mainly due to an unhealthy lifestyle which may eventually weaken the blood vessels and lead to blood pressure and related problems.

Myth 4: “Blood Pressure cannot be controlled.”
High blood pressure can be easily controlled once detected. Mild hypertension can be controlled through lifestyle changes and even in cases of severe hypertension, lifestyle modifications with medication can help control your blood pressure.

Myth 5: “Check your blood pressure 12 times a day if you have a high blood pressure.”
Not true. It is important to keep an eye on your blood pressure reading, especially if you are suffering from hypertension, but this not mean that you keep checking your blood pressure levels 24x7x365. Blood pressure can change during a 24-hour period due to various reasons like stress or emotions.

Myth 6: “My blood pressure is back to normal. I can stop my medicines now.”
This is another common mistake that a lot of patients tend to make. If your doctor has prescribed you a medication for a specific time period, ensure that you follow these instructions. Do not stop or change you medication dosage or schedule without first talking to your doctor about it.

Myth 7: “Males are at a higher risk of developing a high blood pressure.”
Not entirely true. Both males and females can be at a equally high risk of developing a high blood pressure. However, it is more common in men under the age of 45 years, and it women, it usually occurs after menopause.

Myth 8: “I don’t have any symptoms, so have nothing to worry about.”
Most blood pressure patients do not experience any symptoms. Even in a healthy individual, it is important to check your blood pressure at least once every six months to ensure that you avoid any complications.

Myth 9: Hypertension can be cured
Even with medication and lifestyle changes, it is fair to say that hypertension can be managed better, but it is much more difficult to cure hypertension completely.

Myth 10: “Don’t add salt to your food and you’re fine.”
Controlling your salt intake is an important aspect of controlling blood pressure. But not adding salt to your food may not be enough. Ready preparations like pickles and other processed foods contain large quantities of salts and you should try to avoid them as much as you can.

Myth 11: “One of my readings showed a high blood pressure reading. I am a hypertension patient.”
This is not necessarilytreu. Your blood pressure can change during the day depending on the levels of stress, emotions and any physical activities that you may undertake. To confirm whether you have a high blood pressure or not, you should measure the average readings taken over a monthly period.

The best way to ensure that whether or not you have a high blood pressure is to get your health checked at least once in six months so that you know your exact condition and can take appropriate steps.


Treating hypertension requires certain lifestyle changes and sometimes even medication but all this can be done once you know your symptoms and your exact condition.

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