Stop these habits to save your heart

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India has the dubious distinction of being the heart disease and diabetes capital of the world. And it is clear that a majority of heart problems that we see are lifestyle-related, like smoking, eating habits and lack of enough exercise. We constantly hear about all the things that we should be doing for a healthy heart, like maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise and more control on alcohol consumption and smoking. Her we share a list of 10 things that you should NOT be doing, to help your heart.

Too much TV: Spending too much time watching TV can be hazardous to your heart according to some studies.  Watching TV for more than four hours a day can double your risk of having a stroke or a cardiac arrest, even in if you exercise regularly.

Diet Soda: Consuming a can of diet soda on a regular basis may make you feel a better during the summer heat, but it is definitely a disaster for your heart. Drinking aerated drinks, even diet sodas can increase your risk of having a cardiac arrest or stroke in the future.

Alcohol: Excess alcohol consumption can increase your calories and disrupt your sleeping patterns, both of which can harm your heart. Red wine does benefit the heart, but only if consumed within limits. Excessive consumption of any form of alcohol is bad for your heart.

Excess or too little sleep: We all know that it is healthy to get 7 hours of sleep every day. But many of us are denied this privilege because of our busy schedule leading to early mornings and late nights at work. Sleeping for less than 5 hours can add to your stress and thus elevate your blood pressure. Sleeping for too long can have its bad effects as well. Sleeping for more than 9 hours can also elevate your stress and blood pressure and increase the risk of developing coronary diseases.

Depression: We all go through moments of stress and depression in our lives, due to some or the other reason. It’s not always easy to tackle these emotions, but it is important to handle these situations before they start affecting your heart health.

Snoring: Snoring is usually a sign of sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea tend to have an increased risk of heart diseases because of the disturbance in the breathing patterns, which leads to an increase in the blood pressure.

Over exercising: There’s no doubt that regular exercise is good for your health, but exercising past your limit puts a strain to your heart leading to heart fatigue or fainting, which is why it is important that you never push yourself beyond your limit.

Oral hygiene: Bad oral health not only gives you a bad breath, but it also increases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in the future. The bacteria in your gums pass through the blood vessels, narrowing the passages and reducing the blood flow which increases your risk for your heart.

Over eating: Obesity has always been a problem leading to many diseases, including serious cardiac conditions. Obesity is the result of over-eating and lack of exercise. It is therefore wise to eat less, eat healthy and avoid high calorie food intake to live a healthy, hearty life.

Smoking: Smoking even a single cigarette a day can double your risk of developing heart problems. It also leads to cancer and other pulmonary diseases. So, quit smoking before it is too late.

At Asian Heart Institute, our Cardiac Health and Rehabilitation team tailors special preventive programs for those who are at risk of heart diseases and want to avoid it.

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