Foods for Valentine’s Day

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February has always been a month known for its cold winds, little sunshine and of course, Valentine’s Day. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we bring you 7 foods that should form a part of your February food plan.

Asparagus: Considered to be an aphrodisiac for many years thanks to our early ancestors. Turns out they were right. Asparagus is a rich source of folate, a nutrient that helps promote the functioning of nitric oxide, which is an important aspect in men.

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Egg yolks: Eggs are an important component of your sexual health since they are rich in L-arginine, an amino acid that helps fight erectile dysfunction. Egg yolks can also be vital for the ample amounts of vitamin B12 that they provide, an important building block for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that directly affects the libido.

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Ginger: Best known as a remedy to fight morning or motion sickness, ginger is also used as an aphrodisiac for centuries, since it increases the blood flow to erogenous zones.

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Celery: It is often believed to lack vital nutrients, but celery is loaded with pheromones that can spark attraction between people.

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Peppers: We all know hot peppers can excite your taste buds. But they do more than just that. They have a tendency to make your body heat up. Capsaicin, a major component, gives these peppers their kick and is known to unleash endorphins.

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Garlic: Garlic, like pepper can help improve blood flow to all parts of your body, giving you a feeling of warmth. And if you have a little sprig of fennel at hand, you don’t have to worry about the garlic-breath ruining the mood either. Anethol present in fennel can help neutralize garlic breath.

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Pumpkin and lavender: A food pairing that can help set a romantic mood. The intermingled scents of pumpkin pie and lavender can stimulate both, men and women, and you no longer need scented candles that may contain toxic chemicals like benzene and are linked to obesity and diabetes.

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With these 7 foods forming a part of your February food plan, you are sure to have a hearty month.

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