Curb your late-night cravings

It’s 1:00 a.m. and you’re still awake, probably watching a football match or a movie and suddenly, you feel an urge to grab something to snack on, perhaps a bag of chips, or some pizza or may be something sweet like a piece of cake or ice-cream. The next thing you know, you find yourself feeling guilty about all the calories you added with your late-night snack.

Although this is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, you don’t want your late-night snacking habits show up on your waist-line. That’s why we have a few healthy suggestions that should replace your usual high-calorie late-night snacks.

Whether you prefer something sweet or something salty, we have an answer.

If you crave for something sweet, try switching your cakes or ice-cream with some yogurt or some fruits. They are low in sugar and fats, and a combination of Greek yogurt and fresh fruits is the perfect solution to your ice-cream cravings.


If it’s something salty you crave for, grab a tortilla (preferably high fiber) and some sharp cheddar cheese and fix yourself a low-fat cheese quesadilla. Easy to prepare, it avoids you from going overboard with the chips and the cheese.


Or if you prefer a combination of sweet and salty, reach for some apples and some peanut-butter. Slice the sweet apples and pair them salty, all-natural peanut-butter to prepare one of the easiest and healthiest snacks you can have. An apple provides you with 5 grams of heart-healthy fiber while every tablespoon of peanut-butter contains 4 grams of protein. And the mixture of protein, fat and fiber ensures that you’re full so that you don’t reach for another snack soon.


Always remember to snack-smart to stay healthy in the long run.

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