Running with heart

“Few things in life match the thrill of a marathon.” A saying from Fred Lebow, who was the founder and one of the runners of the New York City Marathon, and a saying that stands true to its word.

We’re standing on the brink of the tenth edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and with approximately 39,000 participants, the Mumbai Marathon is all set to be the one of the biggest sporting events of 2013.

And just like the past nine years, AHI is once again the ‘Official Medical Partner’ for the mega-event Mumbai will witness.

Like every year, AHI will set up ten medical stations across the 42 km stretch with a total of almost 350 volunteers, including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. All the volunteers at the Marathon are specially trained and equipped to handle any emergencies so that each and every runner does not have any reason to worry. In addition to the medical stations, two base camps are also set up to watch over the runners. In other words, one can also say this is ‘Mumbai’s Decade-long Run with AHI.’


Every year, AHI ensures that the runners of the Marathon have world-class aid readily available in case of any emergency that may occur during the race. And for the past nine years, the Mumbai Marathon has been one of the safest Marathon events all across the world, a fact that highlights the efforts put in by the team and volunteers at AHI.


Brave hearts

Over the last decade, AHI has ensured the safety of all the runners at the Marathon, but that is not the only thing to make the Mumbai Marathon so special for AHI.

Every year, more than 75 participants from AHI run the Mumbai Marathon. And before you start thinking that this is nothing too special about 75 participants running the Marathon, you should know that each of these 75 individuals are cardiac patients who have just recovered from heart attacks and even bypass surgeries. Each of these patients has been training under the guidance of Dr. Aashish Contractor at the Cardiac Rehabilitation department at AHI. This year, you will once again find 75 of our Bravehearts at the starting point, and more importantly at the finish line on the race day.


So put on your running shoes and join them in the biggest run of the year on the 20th of January.

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