Cardiophobia: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

Simply put, it is the fear of heart or heart diseases. People who have this fear are generally ones with a family history or a personal history of heart problems, including people who have had a heart attack in the past. It isn’t always ‘medical’: some cardiophobics also include individuals who are afraid of an image or a symbol of a heart which may be due to a bad relationship in the he or she may have had in the past. This means that the reason of an individual’s phobia may or may not be heath-related.

Health-related fear

We all know that the heart is a vital organ of our body and is crucial to an individual’s survival. And we all are aware that, even though most of us seek immediate consultation or treatment for any cardiac condition, a heart disease can be fatal. These are the kinds of thoughts that constantly cause fear and anxiety to a cardiophobic. This is why a lot of emphasis is placed on early detection and treatment.
Anyone who has been through the pain of a heart attack will probably understand why cardiophobic individuals experience so much fear.

Fear not associated with health
It isn’t always necessary that if an individual has cardiophobia, he is worried only about his health. Many a times, someone who has been through an emotionally difficult period may show some fear towards an image of a heart or a symbol of a heart. For many, seeing a heart can be a cheerful sign, but some individuals it can be completely opposite and remind them of an emotionally disturbing past.

The first course of treatment would always involve therapy and consultation with an expert so that the root cause of the phobia can be determined. Once the reasons are revealed, they can be dealt with through panic treatment so that he or she can deal with heart imagery or any medical or health-related information about the heart without going through any grief.

The best way to ensure that you do not suffer from cardiophobia because of health-related issues is to ensure that your heart health is under no harm, which is why health checkups at regular intervals are advised.

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