Coffee ho jaai?

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That refreshing cup of coffee? It has quite a history, not including the fascinating fact that once upon a time, if you were caught smuggling it out of Arabia, you were summarily executed.

Apparently research shows that coffee, among other things, cold play a good role in keeping you a step AWAY from oral cancer, diabetes, heart failure.

Were all the world’s coffee lovers on to something?

Should we all start quaffing gallons of coffee? Here’s a good reason. The coffee bean may go extinct within 70 years, it seems!

Here is some more good news: the 7 health benefits of coffee: coffee may lead to longer lives, ward off Alzheimers, skin cancer, Parkinson’s disease and risk of stroke. Decaf lowers the risk of cognitive decline too!

Of course there is always some not-so-good news: your eyes may pay the price.

Remember to always discuss things with your doctor. Visit your opthalmologist if you want to discuss the matter, We have a good one at the hospital you can always make a quick appointment. 🙂

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