Beat your stress in minutes

Something we all need today is a means to relieve the levels of stress we are going through every day. Be it work or home, we are all constantly under a lot of stress, and this can impact our overall health at some stage, which is why it would be wise to try out some exercises that can act as stress-busters.

And if you’re thinking that you do not have enough time to perform these exercises, no need to worry at all. Here are three exercises that should not take you more than one, two or three minutes.

When you have a minute: Place your hand just above your navel so you feel the gentle rise and fall of your belly as you breathe. Breathe in. Pause, and count till three. Breathe out. Pause, and count till three again. Continue to breathe deeply in this manner for one minute, pausing for a count till three after each inhalation and exhalation.
Alternatively, while sitting comfortably, you can take a few slow deep breaths and quietly repeat to yourself, “I am” as you inhale, and “at peace” as you exhale. Repeat this cycle slowly a few times and feel your entire body relax into the support of your chair.

When you have two minutes: Slowly, start counting down, from 10 to 0. With each number, take a complete breath, inhaling and exhaling. If you start feeling lightheaded, slow down the countdown a little so you can space your breaths even further. If you’re not feeling relaxed by the time you reach zero, start the exercise again and your stress levels should reduce considerably in just a couple of minutes.

When you have three minutes: Take a break from whatever you’re doing, have a seat and check your body for tension. Relax your facial muscles and allow your jaws to open slightly. Let your shoulders drop, let your arms fall to your sides, allow your hands to loosen allowing some space between your fingers, uncross your legs and let your thighs sink in to your chair letting your legs to fall comfortably apart. Feel you shins and calves become heavier. Now breathe in and breathe out, slowly.

Stress-busting exercises have never been so simple. And lack of time is not an excuse any more. A few minutes is all you need.

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