Arthritis on the rise

Ouch! A stinging pain in the knee? Could be a sign of arthritis, a joint disorder that causes inflammation of one or more joints, more commonly seen among the adult population, until recently.

Arthritis can be of many types and it has been increasingly observed among the younger population in recent times. The causes can vary from genetic disposition to obesity, physical inactivity to any previous trauma leading to damage to joints or ligaments.

A serious cause of concern is that the number of arthritis patients has been on the rise, especially among the young population, which can lead to serious lifestyle changes in the future. So it would be wise to know some of the basic facts about arthritis like the causes, symptoms and treatment steps that are involved.

How do you know you have arthritis?
If you start feeling any pain and stiffness in the joints followed by swelling, visit your doctor and get a thorough diagnosis done immediately since these are some of the earliest symptoms of arthritis.
What are the different types of arthritis?
Arthritis can be of many many different forms and a thorough diagnosis can reveal whether you have arthritis and of which kind. Generally, when an individual has arthritis, it is one of the following forms:
Osteoarthritis: Also known as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis involves degradation of the bones and is characterized by joint pain, tenderness, stiffness and locking. Its causes may be hereditary, developmental or metabolic. Its management may involve both lifestyle changes and medication depending on the severity
Rheumatoid arthritis: A chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that mainly affects the flexible joints among other tissues and organs of your body. Swollen and tender joints with stiffness that limits the movements are the main symptoms that are seen in an individual suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. Although there is no cure for Rheumatoid arthritis, there are different treatment options available that can alleviate the symptoms.
Gout: A medical condition characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis and a red swelling on the joints. It’s caused because Hyperuricemia, deposition of excess uric acid crystals in the joints which can be due to genetic factors, lifestyle or certain medication. Treatment involves NSAIDs which can cause an improvement in the symptoms within four hours. Long-term treatment also involves the use of drugs to decrease uric acid levels.
Septic arthritis: Arthritis caused because of an infection in the joint caused by a foreign agent is referred to as Septic arthritis and is seen mostly in individuals with artificial joints. Treatment for this kind of arthritis involves intravenous antibiotics.
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis: The most common type of arthritis seen in children which may become chronic. The causes of JIA are not clear and treatment involves a team of experts including pediatric rheumatologists, nurse specialists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists applying physical therapy and pain management strategies.

Still’s disease: Again, the cause is unknown and this is a form of arthritis seen in adults. Treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs that can reduce the pain.
Ankylosing spondylitis: A chronic inflammatory disease of the axial skeleton typically seen in young males aged between 20 to 40 years. Symptoms usually seen are pain and stiffness in the middle part of the spine and can sometimes spread throughout the entire spine.

How do I treat arthritis?
The first step you should take in case you experience any pain or swelling in your bones or joints is to visit your doctor, who will probably advise you to carry out a few tests and scans to assess your condition. Depending on the results of these tests which will indicate the type and severity of arthritis, the treatment mode may vary from medication, physical therapy or surgery.

At Asian Orthopedic Institute a full-fledged team is completely equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to assess your condition and take necessary steps depending on your condition.

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