Asian Hospitals does it again!!!

It has really become a habit at AHI over the last ten years, to perform some of the most challenging and complicated surgeries in the country, if not the world. And we seem to be carrying this habit to Asian Hospitals as well as we successfully completed yet another rare surgery at Asian Robotic Surgery Institute, a surgery that is possibly the first of its kind in India.

Our patient is a 51 year old borderline diabetic male who was on medication to treat hypothyroidism. In addition, he was prescribed certain medication to fight high cholesterol levels. The medication prescribed for a period of three months, was however continued for a period of five months which had adverse effects on his liver.

On diagnosis, the patient was found to have lost weight and low hemoglobin levels. An Ultrasonography detected an irregular mass in the left kidney. The patient was then advised a CT abdomen and pelvis, which revealed multiple areas suggestive of necrosis, and a CT chest which revealed multiple well defined nodules of varying sizes. A PET scan

suggested a renal lesion with pulmonary lesions.

After consulting with two doctors, the patient consulted the team of experts at Asian Robotic Surgery institute, where he was recommended a Robot-assisted Radical Nephrectomy, which is a surgical procedure to remove the kidney. It is usually performed during the treatment of cancer of the kidney, or in case of a chronic disease or any injury that causes irreparable damage to the kidney.

What was so unique about this case was the size of the tumor. The size of a normal kidney is 10cm x 6cm 4cm, and a tumor generally removed through a robot-assisted procedure is 4cm to 5cm. In this case however, the size of the tumor was approximately 15cm, making the total size of the mass to be removed (kidney + tumor + surrounding tissues) approximately 25cm x 12cm x 10cm. the entire surgery was done robotically and the entire mass was removed through the key-hole, without any spillage or crushing which may have otherwise lead to recurrence of the cancerous cells. The surgery performed by Dr. Jagdeesh Kulkarni and his team including Dr. Mangesh Patil, from Asian robotic surgery Institute is probably the first case of its kind in India.

The patient has recovered well since the surgery and will be discharged from the hospital soon.

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This is just one of the many complex surgeries performed every day at Asian Robotic Surgery Institute and Asian heart Institute.

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