Diet myths busted

Fast paced 21st century life, where we always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere, late for school, college or work. And one thing that we don’t worry too much about? Our health and diet. Skipping breakfasts, lunches at irregular hours, etc. Sometimes we feel that we have it all planned out, with a so-called ‘SMART’ diet plan. A diet that consists of few individual items but deliver the nutrients that our body needs. But how effective are these diets.

Here we reveal the truth behind some of the diet myths that we have believed over the years.

Myth 1: Milk is equivalent to complete food

We often see individuals drinking just a glass of milk instead of a proper meal, strongly believing that this glass of milk will provide him the nutrients he needs. If you are one of these individuals, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Milk is a healthy source of calcium and protein, true. But at the same time it lacks iron and vitamin C. Which means that an individual relying only on milk is at a serious risk to suffer from deficiencies.

Myth 2: Almonds have heavy cholesterol

Again, a belief that is miles from the true fact. Almonds, and for that matter most plant products do not have any cholesterol or bad cholesterol. In fact, almonds contain Omega-3-fatty acids, which are extremely good for your heart.

Myth 3: You shouldn’t eat curd at night if you have a cold

You can actually have curd at any time. Especially when you have a cold, since curd is a predigested food, it is easily digested by the body and better utilized.

Myth 4: Excess water consumption only leads to dilution of urine

Drinking lots of water in something you would advise anyone you know. This is because drinking plenty of water does more than just dilute the urine. It also removes the toxins from the body. Especially India and countries with similar climatic conditions, where people lose lot of their body fluids through perspiration, people should ensure that we drink plenty of water to facilitate the normal functioning of the body, as each and every cell in your body needs water.

Myth 5: Bananas should be avoided completely

It is true that bananas supply a lot of calories to the body, but they are also an important source of Potassium which is good for your health and your skin as well. A sugar sensitive individual may gain weight because of bananas since they contain sugars. However, moderation is the key.

With these five myths busted, you now know what to believe when you are suggested a ‘SMART’ diet plan.

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