Almonds ….. soaking wet!

Benefits of Soaking Almonds in Water

Almonds are known as complete food and hence, highly beneficial for your health. Soaking almonds in water and then eating them is a commonly followed way of eating them. Read on the foll

owing sections to know about the benefits of soaked almonds and the reason for soaking them.

If you are reading some cookbooks, or health and fitness related books you would have noticed that soaking almonds in water overnight is a very common practice. Not only almonds but many other nuts and dried fruits are soaked in water overnight. Most of you won’t be aware of the fact that, by eating almonds the wrong way, you could miss on all its health benefits. It can further harm your digestive system. Almond is one of the most nutritious nuts, which is a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Your gain all the benefits of almonds if you eat it in the right way.

Primary Benefits of Soaking Almonds in Water

Almonds are difficult to digest because of an enzyme-inhibiting substance in their brown coating. These enzyme inhibitors protect the nut or seed until it has what it needs for growth. Soaking almonds overnight removes these toxic enzyme inhibitors so that the enzymes secreted during digestion can do their job. Also the gluten breaks down, and digestion becomes much easier. Phytic acid, which inhibits absorption of vital minerals, is also reduced after soaking almonds. This helps our body get the benefit of vitality contained within them.

Benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds During Pregnancy
Intake of soaked almonds during the pregnancy period is also known to be quite beneficial. Almonds are highly nutritive and hence a good source of energy for pregnant women. Soaking almonds in water

or milk overnight and eating them next morning after making a paste is good for their health. Adding a pinch of saffron to this paste will further add heighten the value of this tasty preparation. Pregnant women must consume this preparation along with a healthy diet everyday as this provides good nourishment for both, mother and baby.

Soaked Almonds for Memory Improvement
Almonds are known as one of the best brain tonics. It is rich in essential fats and serves to improve memory and intelligence. Eating 4-6 soaked almonds every morning helps enhance your memory. This makes them an essential part of kids’ daily diet.

Better Digestion with Soaked Almonds
Soaking almonds in water makes them softer and easier to chew. This means better digestibility, easy absorption and assimilation of nutrition in the nut. You must chew them thoroughly, because big chunks of unchewed nuts are hard on the digestive tract. Moreover, soaking almonds in milk and eating them increases the libido and enhances general sexual performance in cases of frigidity.

Beauty Benefits of Soaked Almonds

Apart from various health benefits of almonds, they have many beauty benefits as well. By soaking almonds in water you can have an effective moisturizer for dry skin. Soak almonds in water overnight, boil them in the morning and blend with whipped cream to form a paste. Your natural moisturizer is ready to give you a soft and supple skin. Eating soaked almonds regularly also enhances the overall texture of your skin. You can also prepare almond face scrub by soaking them overnight. For preparing scrub, soak a few almonds in warm water overnight, peel and grind them to make a rough paste in the morning. Mix this paste with fresh cream and use it as a face scrub. This face scrub is perfect to exfoliate the dead skin cells and get

radiant skin. It can also be used for exfoliating rough knees and elbows.

Procedure of Soaking Almonds in Water

While soaking almonds in water, you might wonder how long to keep them soaked? Here is the procedure.

  • Take the required quantity of almonds in a bowl.
  • Rinse them in purified or filtered water.
  • Now soak them in water. The quantity of water should be double thequantity of almonds.
  • Cover the bowl with a cloth or towel and not with a dish or lid.
  • Almonds must be soaked at room temperature.
  • Drain the water and rinse the nuts thoroughly after 8-10 hours

Soaking almonds in water is surely an easy step that can fit into your busy schedule. Remember, if you eat soaked almonds in the morning, they will set hydrochloric acid tolerance for the day and provide all-day protein digestion. Almonds are efficiently digested when consumed in this way since stomach acids are concentrated after the night fast. When soaked, almonds act as protein plus nitrogen. Well, with so many benefits of soaking almonds in water overnight, I am sure that you won’t think twice to start consuming them in this way!

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