AHI Cardiologists are India’s Cardiology ‘A Team’!

AHI cardiologists added another feather to our crown: Soon after being ranked as India’s Best Private Cardiac Hospital in two separate All-India surveys conducted by CNBC TV-18 and The WEEK magazine, our cardhiologists won the ‘Best Case in India and Best CD Presentation’ at the National Intervention Council (NIC) held at Kochi, from 27th to 29th April, 2012.

The case presented has won an award for the ‘Best Case in India and Best CD Presentation’ from among 400 other cases that were presented at the NIC in Kochi, by more than 1000 doctors from India and across the world.

Trained in the best institutes in India and abroad, our team of cardiologists is at par with the best in India if not the world. Proof is in the aw3ard-winning case they presented:a prcocedure that is the first in India, and possibly one of the first in the world.

Inter-Atrial stenting – A life saving therapeutic option for patients with pulmonary hypertension

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension is a rare disease in which more than 50% of the patients do not survive more than five years

A 32 year-old woman with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension treated on Sildenefil and Bosentan for two years was admitted at hospitalized after a detailed investigation. An ECG revealed a suprasystemic PA pressure, dilated right ventricle with impaired function and mild pericardial effusion. In addition, syncopal episodes were observed which can be an impending danger and lead to sudden collapse and death in such patients. In a pulmonary risis, no blood flows from pulmonary vascular bed to the left atrium. In such cases, creating a communication between the two atria allows blood flow from the right to the left atrium. Thus, the cardiac output is maintained, not only eliminating the risk of sudden death, but also improving the exercise capacity. This procedure is however only a temporary solution to the problem and not a cure.

The key in such cases lies in the stenting of the atrial septum. The doctors at AHI performed detailed tests and opted to go for an inter-atrial stenting, after considering all its pros and cons. The atrial septum was perforated and the hole was dilated and kept patent with a metal stent and balloon assembly. An 8 mm size hole was created on the atrial septum and the stent was stretched on either side of the atrial septum creating a dumbbell shape and stabilizing it inside the heart.

Balloon fully inflated forming the shape of a dumbbell

The stent inside the atria after the balloon is removed

Post the procedure, her symptoms have improved and she was discharged from the hospital within two days. She is currently on medication (Sildenefil and Bosentan) and recovering well.

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