A salute to our bravest heroes!

Heart attack! Bypass surgery! Two terms that can completely devastate someone.

But not at AHI.

Here, these are just two words that describe our heroes.

Every year AHI takes pride in saluting its Bravehearts for their efforts and determination with which they not only recover from their cardiac surgeries, but also strive towards enjoying a renewed life.

4th of February 10, 2012 was another day when we took the opportunity to honour our Bravehearts of the past year. All of these patients who had undergone cardiac surgeries at AHI have now, through their dedication and positive attitude towards a hearty life recovered completely, so much so that some of them ran the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon this year and don’t be surprised if you see some of them running the Marathon next year as well.

Another Braveheart present at the award ceremony was Shri Tarun Gogoi , Chief Minister of Assam who had undergone a bypass surgery himself at AHI nearly 18 months ago, and has today completely recovered serving as an example to others.

We once again congratulate all the winners of the Braveheart awards, wishing them a healthy and hearty life, and that their Braveheart spirit prevails always!

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