The Uncelebrated Healers: The Glory of Nursing as a Profession

They know where the chink in your armor is, they know how to distract you from pain, they know what you need, when, how and how much. Reckon them teachers, counselors, monitors, therapists but when the kinsmen take leave of the sick and the rest depart for the night, they are the ones who watchfully glide through stilled corridors, unsuccumbing to what we cannot do without; sleep!

Back in 1860, when Florence Nightingale laid the foundation of professional nursing at the St. Thomas Hospital, London; the very first secular nursing school, the nurses were taught to work in hospitals, aid physicians, work with the poor and teach. Over the years the profession has evolved to a more dynamic level involving the understanding of human nature and the environment of care. Today, The Nursing Industry demands of its professionals, an understanding of health in its widest sense and its neoteric application to the mundane way of doing the routine of patients. In totality, it aims at the participation of nursing professionals in delivering outstanding service to those committed in their care and making a meaningful contribution to their lives.

Selfless leadership is the very fabric of nursing. A leadership that is more about the way of being than it is about a position. It is about leading without title, about taking personal responsibility, about being extraordinary within the compass of one’s influence, about building beautiful relationships and elevating others by example. Nurses are heroes in their own right. Today, in the 21st century, nursing commands great respect and is one of the most trusted career choices across the world.

To some nursing is an art, to others, a science. The science part of it is indisputable. You are dealing with bodies and minds, your practice asks of you to follow facts and disdain myths. The nursing knowledge comes from much more than formal training, research and Clinical practice. It calls for emotional intelligence, critical thinking and analytical skills with respect to the adoption of the process required to deal with clients considering their diverse medical needs.

And art it is, because it is a new job every day. It involves innovation, experimentation, risk taking and a whole lot of creativity. No two individuals respond to the same patient and ailment alike. One patient may need hours of motivation while just holding the arm of another might do the trick. It also calls for impeccable timing, imagination and precision. The art leans on things such as compassion, acumen and effective communication. For example, Aa patient who is having difficulty sleeping due to fear, at times, needs a creative solution, not a barbiturate. The rehabilitation of each patient needs to be crafted.

And to gain faculty at both, nurses are devoted to lifelong learning. They find immense peace, satisfaction and honour in this job where they get to work with and for people in their most tenuous times and help alleviate their lives. They act passionately and stand in possibility, in hope, in the irreplaceable incentive that you will have a better tomorrow. This learning also leads us to a conviction that Nursing is also The Heart. It’s the heart that prescribes them this service despite its adversities. It’s the heart that blinds them to race, religion, reputation of the ones entrusted to their custody. It’s only the heart that seeks a sufferer’s peaceful departure lest an elixir impossible. It could only be the heart and it’s a matter of indifference if the heart is Eastern or Western!

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