Laughter, the better medicine.

A bellyful of laughter, from the feet up, contagious, is as good as a small workout. Laugh away! Laugh your lungs out.

Laugh, laugh and laugh your heart and lungs out! Feeling rundown? Laugh! Feeling stressed out? Laugh! Suspect you are tired, grumpy, lack energy? Laugh! Many bees in our bonnets evaporate after a good laugh.

Its not a joke, think of laughter as a alternative medicine. Leave the plants, crystals, needles, bugs, sharks and leeches alone, just go for a laugh. All you have to pop is air.

Best of all, laughter is priceless, fun and free. It is a easy-to-use medication.Nothing is as dependable, nothing works faster on your mind and body than a good laugh! It’s the friend that will never leave.

How good is laughter?

1. It is an energy booster.

2. It strengthens your immune system.

3. It significantly reduces physical pain and almost dissolves emotional pain.

4. It protects you from the damaging effects of stress.

5. It will just make you feel even better. And the feel good effect that you get even when your laughter has subsided remains within you.

Add laughter to your “Health Plan” today. You just need to start off. Try by being funny, joke around with the family or watch a movie or a show and laugh.

Don’t forget to snack on carrots, cucumber and broccoli.

By the way this Blog is not a joke! But you could still laugh at the end of it.

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