The Good side of Chocolate is also its dark side!

The arithmetic of healthy living is oh so clear:
diet+exercise+meditation+quality time+run+walk+swim+diet down+diet up+vitamins+supplements = healthy living.

And, horrors, we left out the chocolate!


Stop shouting. Yes, it is. In fact, its good for you. The dark kind, though.

STATUTORY WARNING:Chocolate is a high- calorie, high-fat food. But…

but if we balance our daily calorie intake, if we replace those sweets heavy on ghee, sugar, caramel, marshmallows with a dark chocolate, it could perfectly be at our advantage.

In fact, it could be heart-healthy.

Look at it this way:

Fact: Olive oil is good for your heart and we should be cooking our meals with it. That’s because it contains oleic acid – a heart healthy monosaturated fat.

Fact: Dark chocolate contains, gram for gram, the same amount of oleic acid.

Fact: Dark chocolate is better than those fancy, chewy, marshmallow nutty covered chocolates; the ones that add on a lot of extra fat and calories.

The more plain the chocolate, the better it is.

Everything said and done, enjoy just one small piece at a time. Follow a one per one policy. A small bar per week to oil that speedy running of your heart … and you would be surprised with the effects of it.

And don’t forget balancing it up with fruits and vegetables.

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