Taking the diabetes battle to your kitchen …. and winning!

With the advances of modern science, there are many solutions that save lives, but every little thing that ails us does not need a nervous trip to the dispensary. All drugs have side-effects, and sometimes you don’t need to take any!

There are healing nutrients in everyday foods and herbs. They work well, and they come without a pricetag and side-effects. Even diabetes can be managed better if we cooperate with what nature has provided us.

Diabetes is a chronic and lifelong issue. Fluctuation in levels of blood sugar is abnormal and dangerous when not managed. It is caused either through your body not being able to produce insulin or if the cells in the body do not respond to the insulin produced in the body.

Many people are often in a dilemma when considering ways on how to control blood sugar. The best way to control blood sugar is to switch to a high fiber diet and avoid foods like potatoes. Diabetes also tends to have an associated risk of heart disease. So therefore keeping a track and control on your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar helps immensely.

There is nothing so supernatural with the use of these home remedies to cure your illness. Instead it is cheap, natural with no chemicals involved and it’s effective in the long run. Some homemade remedies that help you with diabetes control:-

1. If you have high blood sugar, eat 10 fresh leaves of fully grown ‘curry patta’ every morning for a period of 3 months will prove very beneficial. It has weight reducing properties and with the decrease in weight, you will stop passing sugar in urine.




2. Mix equal quantities of powdered Indian gooseberry, black berry fruit and bitter gourd and take 1 tbsp of this mixture twice a day. Vitamin C in it will stimulate the pancreas and enable it to secret insulin and helps reduce blood sugar.




3. Also have Jamun and Margosa. They are good herbs for reducing high blood sugar.






4. Onion and garlic consumed daily can help in lowering blood sugar levels.






5. Stevia is a naturally sweet plant but can be used as a replacement for sugar. This sweet plant is a natural cure for high blood sugar as this helps in improving the efficiency of insulin.




6. Eat grape fruit or drink its freshly squeezed juice.

7. Soak few almonds in water and leave it overnight. Consume the soaked almonds in the morning on an empty stomach.





8. A mixture of basil leaves, margosa leaves and belpatras when consumed along with water on an empty stomach helps in controlling the sugar level.






9. Soyabean, containing proteins, iron, calcium, fiber and Vitamin A, is an effective remedy for regulating the blood sugar levels.

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