We live in an age where pill-popping is the norm, believing that health issues are easily solved by buying solutions that come from bottles. Would you be willing to reconsider the modern predilection for pill-popping? With a medicinal prowess that spans thousands of years, India has knowledge of natural cures that have no side effects or complications.

Finding home-remedies is easy, the media features them all the time. And making them is easy: all you need is a kitchen. Right here in your own kitchen you can easily help your family with simple things like colds,cold, cough, diarrhea, itchy skin/eyes/throat, migraine headaches, mosquito bites or joint pains.

But you can also help deal with a more severe issue like diabetes. Of course, you MUST be under the care of a qualifies physician, but with a physician’s counsel and advice, you can make so much of a difference by yourself too. Don’t dump the responsibility for getting well on your doctor, be your doctor’s trump card!

So the next time you are down with these passing bouts of flu or are facing a little ache and discomfort, consider the dispensary in your home: your kitchen. In our next blog, we’ll give you more information, but in the meanwhile, chat up your doctor and discuss these options. Don’t be surprised if he approves ….. because his grandma said so!

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