Get if off your chest!

Don’t Ignore a Chest Pain. Call 126-126

Chest pain is alarming but it is not always a heart attack. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a life-threatening possibility and it is logically be a cause for worry. Because a pain in the chest region is not always linked to the heart, it is difficult to differentiate one cause from the other but whatever the reason might be, you must be very, very careful and not ignore it it it seems to subside or stop.

With rapid growth and development in today’s world, every individual’s lifestyle has changed completely. Many of us are leading sedentary lifestyles. If you are reading this at a computer, there is a 100% chance you are too. Did you know sitting for 8 hours a day can lead to an early death? This is because it does damage to internal organs, degrades breathing and prevents activity. A sedentary lifestyle is that much more stressful to your body and heart – and could be worse because we eat thoughtlessly, erratically at a table., Fast foods + no exercise, overtime at work and poor sleeping, overcrowding and pollution all over = catastrophe.

One of the symptoms of a heart attack usually is chest pain that may be gripping or constricting in nature which is followed by heaviness. The sensation of oppression and breathlessness builds up. Commonly the shoulders also tend to get numb and radiate pain to the left arm. The patient begins to sweat profusely, may also vomit.

If the chest pain is non-cardiac in origin, but under all circumstances the assessment from the host cause and symptoms can help you realize when you are having a serious issue. The causes could range from minor issues to serious major medical problems but all you need to understand is what symptom could cause which problem. Some of the other causes, signs and symptoms of Chest Pain:

  1. Pain in the lower part of the chest near the stomach that is burning in character is mostly related to hyperacidity.
  2. Bloating of the abdomen with tremendous discomfort in the chest along is indication dyspepsia taking an anti-flatulent or carminative in such cases provide instant relief.
  3. Chest Pain, Cough, high fever and breathlessness may be a sign of pneumonia.
  4. Chest Pain along with cough, weight loss and fever that tends to increase especially in the evenings is an indication to contracting tuberculosis.
  5. Pain that increases with movement of the rib cage is mostly musculoskeletal in nature.
  6. Pain which increases on inspiring deeply could be a symptom of pleurisy.

In all these cases, what is the best answer?

Ideally, if you suffering from any type of chest pain you should immediately seek medical assistance. Call the Asian Heart Chest Pain Clinic at 126126 – the 24/7 helpline emergency service. Sure, it could all turn out to be nothing more than heartburn, but YOU CANNOT TAKE THE RISk! It is better to get checked and know the cause because any type of chest pain is definitely an emergency situation.

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