To lose, and gain.

Diets are a multi-billion global industry! Some work. Some don’t. Some work for some people, some don’t for others. Recently, when the global business magazine Forbes evaluated the ‘first week costs’ of seven popular weight loss programs, it was discovered that the cost of these programs ranged from Rupees 5000 to Rupees 12000. And that isn’t cheap!

Diets cause too much effort and anguish, and not many can keep their effort and enthusiasm going. Besides there are all these conflicting instructions: Weight loss v/s fat loss, BMI v/s muscle mass ….

The extraordinary technological sophistication that is all over our daily lives also adds to the problem: we are constantly seated at a computer, for one. Tapping at a keyboard doesn’t count. The tedium of office work is mostly relieved by tea, coffee or munchies. And now, there are studies that show that 8 hours of sitting, five days a week, can kill!

In desperation, people resort to fad diets, appetite reduction medication, diet pills, fat-burning pills, fat-absorbing potions, the list of miracle cures is endless. But we just can’t keep running away from the fact that we have to GET UP AND MOVE!

Think your way to thin then, with a little cunning. Outsmart the fat.If you’re not the one for exercise or for diets choose something you can stick with for years! Here are some tips that we could help you out with, it wouldn’t be a quick fix, but could surely be enjoyable!

You have two friends…. You two feet! Use them!

Take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator at your office or the mall. Just start with one flight. Soon, you’ll be ready for two. Park your car at the far end of the parking lot. A short walk across would help your heart.
If you travel by a bus, rickshaw or any other kind of public transport, get off one stop before your destination and walk briskly the rest of the way.
Spend a few minutes of your lunch break taking a stroll around the campus/compound, it should help you stay awake after lunch.
Household chores are an extra chance to exercise. Vacuuming briskly, swabbing of the floor, cleaning the window, furniture in the house can be a real workout. These are chores that can be done by you is a chance to exercise.
Do you have a dog? A brisk walk with the dog is good for both of you! If you have a family, schedule an after-dinner walk as a part of spending quality time with them.


For more information on diet, health and nutrition, please email Harpinder Gill at You are welcome to email us with any question on any health topic. Please allow 24 hours for an answer, and if your query seems requiring an urgent response, expect to hear from us before that time.

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