Happy Birthday to all of India!

Almost a decade ago a dream was born, one that almost seemed impossible. That dream is today the nine year old Asian Heart Institute, the highest accredited hospital in India, and one of the leading cardiac care centers in the world.

On Wednesday, AHI celebrated its 9th birthday. We took it easy on the cakes and ice-cream, of course, (we are all very calorie-conscious here), but we are all as over the moon as anyone else. A lot of hard work has paid off and the credit for the celebration is due to each and every person who has worked at AHI. Today, our staff is recognized (and coveted!) all over, and our state-of-the-art equipment is the envy of top hospitals in the Asia-Pacific region Our brand new Da Vinci SI robot, the only one in India, is already in full operational mode.

This year we launched the path-breaking  Asian Chest Pain Clinic and the Asian Seva service, which brings vital world-class cardiac care to senior citizens and children who otherwise cannot afford top-drawer medical facilities.

In celebration, we promise India that we will continue to offer nothing less than world-class cardiac care. This year, we are highlighting progress, dedication, accomplishments and innovations. This is also the perfect time to offer heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to all AHI staff for their diligence and commitment.Their unflagging dedication arms the effectiveness with which we take care of our patients.

Our next birthday, our 10th one, will be a giant moment in Indian healthcare, and we’re already looking forward to it.


For more information on diet, health and nutrition, please email Harpinder Gill at harpinder.gill@ahirc.com. You are welcome to email us with any question on any health topic. Please allow 24 hours for an answer, and if your query seems requiring an urgent response, expect to hear from us before that time.

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