Nurse training at AHI

To properly appreciate the depth and scope of nurses training, it is important to appreciate that there is only one goal: patient care and safety. This goal is non-negotiable. Anything that falls short of this goal is completely unacceptable, for one simple fact: it is a human life at stake.

Inf act, a nurse plays a very large role in the treatment and recovery of a patient. It is the nurse who has to monitor the patient, monitor the medications, monitor the administration of the medications, monitor the vital signs. It is the nurse who is first alerted to a change in medication, the nurse who is first to know of a change. It is the nurse, more often than not, who will summon the proper doctor whenever warranted. So a nurse has that authority too.

Nurse training then is more than training in protocols and procedures. It is training in attitude, watchfulness, and concentration. A top-quality hospital will teach a nurse personal energy management (how to conserve and deploy their own energy), and how to work smart, not just work hard. Nurses must also be taught psychological astuteness (handling patient and patient’s family), emotional empathy, physical empathy (correctly recognising patient comfort and discomfort), and a practised eye for the many details that make for a holistic patient guardianship.

So a nurse training is more than the three stages of theory, practicals and functioning with independent responsibility. A good hospital will have a well-developed and matured corporate and care culture, and that must not only be absorbed by the nurse, the hospital will ensure that it is absorbed comfortably as well as accurately.

AHI nurse training covers all of the abovementioned dimensions, and is in itself modelled closely on the best international training practices. That is why AHI nurses are highly sought after across India and across the world.

Any hospital would take a AHI nurse (and they do, all the time) because they are such highly trained medical staff. This means that every single AHI nurse has a constant option for accepting a more remunerative job offer outside India . This in itself is a credit to AHI, but there is an issue that remains to be fairly solved, with justice to AHI.

AHI patients are entitled to the superlative world-class care that they expect from AHI. This care, again, is a basic and full patient entitlement. Patient safety cannot be compromised, a patient’s life is at stake. That is why AHI pays the full price for training the nurses for one year at a significant cost. One full year of AHI time, expertise and commitment is lavished on each nurse. The very least that AHI has a right to be given is a full year of clean, committed service. Is there a single rational person who can dispute this?

An AHI nurse has a lifetime of every increasing professional opportunity because of the AHI training. The nurse does not pay for the training, AHI does! The nurse receives top-quality training from a top-quality hospital and gains top-quality credentials. An entire career begins in the care of India’s highest accredited hospital. The AHI stamp opens doors at the very best hospitals everywhere. Surely there is justice in expecting a nurse to provide the hospital with one full year of service — not for AHI, but for the patients.


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