A Hospital in unique.

A Hospital is Unique

A hospital is unique: its end product is patient life. The most important stake holder in any hospital is the patient, not the staff, not the hospital management and not the owners. Yes, there are many many organisations whose entire raison d’etre does NOT exclude the safety of their customers, but a hospital is unique that its ONLY end-product is patient safety, patient health and patient life.

That is why the entire functioning of a hospital is back-calculated from PATIENT SAFETY. There is NO detail that is not connected to PATIENT SAFETY. A tiny bolt in a tiny fitting deep in the basement of a hospital is also examined and evaluated to only one metric: PATIENT SAFETY.

That is why ALL personnel in a hospital are required to function to achieve PATIENT SAFETY. And that is why every single person in a hospital must apply themselves to remembering that this one standard is imposed on a hospital not by a hospital but by THE PATIENT.

THE PATIENT has full right to expect that the people in a hospital will never compromise their safety and that it will be a paramount consideration that guides every single act of theirs.

So, hospital personnel must practise a personal, moral appreciation of the trust placed in them by the PATIENT. A nurse and a Doctor must have a particularly deep appreciation of this. If a nurse or a Doctor is carefully and meticulously taught this one great reality and then cold-bloodedly walks out on a patient, who will speak for the patient and the hospital who have entrusted the nurse and Doctors with this responsibility?


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