The nursing issue: the real picture.FROM THE ASIAN HEART INSTITUTE

Is there any difference in the way AHI trains its nurses?

Asian Heart Institute is the country’s highest-certified cardiac hospital, with JCI and NIAHO certifications, comparable with the best in the world. Our training standards are exacting and our process is rigourous. Any nurse who has ever worked with AHI finds a lucrative job market abroad; after 2 years, simply because we have the best training program.

What is a nursing bond?

‘Bond’ is a loose term for the minimum employment period that nurses have to complete with the hospital, post training. So training takes a year; then they work for another year before they are free to look for better prospects. The training is invaluable.There is no law of the land that says anything against minimum employment period against training. All Governments/armed forces/ medical services have a bond for people passing their MBBS and post graduation (After MBBS, a medical graduate is required to sign a bond with the government to serve in rural areas for a year, or to pay up if he or she opts to skip this.)

What demands of the nursing staff have we agreed to?

Right from 19th October; when the stike began, AHI has agreed to the following and even signed a letter to this effect.

1. The nursing certificates will be returned to the nurses.

2. The hospital experience certificate will be given to those nursing staff who have worked for or more than 2 years.

3. Staff who have not worked for 2 years, will only be issued a certificate that will state the duration of work.

4. The nursing staff who will rejoin will have to give a guarantee/commitment for the remaining part of their 2 year contract.

5. More importantly, we will re-interview these nurses because some of them have turned vandals.

What is the issue currently?

Asian Heart Institute stands for patient safety and highest level of patient care. The striking staff walked out leaving behind critically ill patients who were on life support and life-saving medicines. Moreover the striking staff has also threatened other staff who were willing to and were looking after these critical patients. I am told calls have been made to the family members of the working staff; threatening them with dire consequences.

Whats is the agitation about?

We have agreed to all the reasonable demands and also signed a charter. We are waiting for the nurses to join us. Out of the 170 striking staff, over 140 have confided to the Nursing Director that they want to join back. They are being victimized by the 30 odd nursing staff who are just creating nuisance value, by not letting patients enter the hospital. About four female nurses ignored threats and joined back today. They were escorted by security to get their clothes as they were worried about being harmed by the protestors.

What is the issue of the sad demise of Beena Baby? 

What has started with the unfortunate demise of Beena Baby; a diligent, highly professional nurse, whose suicide was for purely personal reasons,  has now been distored by vested interests. We have given the nurse’s family 5 Lac Rupees and borne all embalming and transport expenses. The nurse’s family does not bear the hospital any grudges.


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