World Heart Day!

Today is World Heart Day and since the last 8 years Asian Heart Institute has been celebrating by informing and getting people aware of how important it is. This is a day for people to pledge to take charge of theirs as well as their family’s heart health and advocate to a heart healthy lifestyle for a healthy living.

Today is the day, a day to realise that you cant take your heart for granted if you wish to have a long life line. Do you know that 17 million people globally die due to varied heart-related diseases and 80% of them die premature deaths and are mostly from the developing countries.

Heart diseases are growing more amongst the young. With the high cost of living, the younger generations are making sacrifices on diet and exercise, for money. They seem to be more obsessed with luxuries rather than mental peace. This causes stress, restlessness and insecurities which are the main causes of hypertension, heart attacks and angina among them.

By implying the motive of living life like there’s no tomorrow has caused them to ignore their conscience just to make that money. They binge on junk food and party like as though every day is their last.

All this certainly has an impact on the mind as well as the body. Always remember it is never too late to amend your way of living and if the amendment is for a good healthy heart than why not? On this day, Asian Heart Institute would like to provide you with the 5 easy to go steps for a heart healthy living.

1. Heart healthy diet: Always remember the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and consume more fruit and vegetables daily but, Beware of processed foods, which often contain high levels of cholesterol.

2. Get an active heart: The only way to keep your heart actively fit and prevents coronary disease is to keep yourself busy with a minimum of daily 30 minute physical activity.

3. Say no to tobacco and alcohol

4. Maintain a healthy weight: You body weight effects the blood pressure in your body which is the number one risk factor for stroke and a major factor that determines most of the heart diseases.

5. Know your numbers: Visit a healthcare professional who can measure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.


For more information on diet, health and nutrition, please email Harpinder Gill at You are welcome to email us with any question on any health topic. Please allow 24 hours for an answer, and if your query seems requiring an urgent response, expect to hear from us before that time.

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